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City of Refuge exists to bring light, hope, and transformation to individuals and families. 

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Looking for help? City of Refuge is dedicated to helping women in need. If you reside in Atlanta, GA, or if you are homeless and need any help, click here now.

Why Good Works: The Challenge

City of Refuge sits in the midst of one of Atlanta’s most historic and struggling communities. The current picture is troubling.

How Good Works: Our Philosophy

Is there a reliable pathway out of generational poverty? The majority of today's research suggests there is, and the City of Refuge Transformation Pathway is one of the premier models. By achieving key milestones at each developmental life stage, this illustration demonstrates how children and adolescents are more likely to avoid poverty as adults.


Source: Brookings Institute

Stories of Transformation

I hope maybe more of us can come and see what’s here. Let it touch our hearts, let it touch our souls, let us be moved by what we see, and then find out amongst ourselves – you know – what would the Lord have us to do here.

-Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A

Our Programs

180° Kitchen

In 2016, the 180° Kitchen prepared and served 230,400 hot and healthy meals…

Bright Futures

In the neighborhood of 30314, only ~50% of the students graduate from high…

Level Up

The Level Up youth program is designed for students in grades 6 through…

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180° Kitchen

In 2016, the 180° Kitchen prepared and served 230,400 hot and healthy meals to our residents, employees, and guests. 

Mercy Care

Mercy Care is the result of a strategic partnership between the City of Refuge and the Saint Joseph’s Health System. With an expansive 10,000 square feet of space, Mercy Care provides services to thousands of patients annually. Patients are able to receive general medical, dental, vision, and mental health services at the facility.

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House of Cherith

As the number one city in the United States for sex trafficking, Atlanta is home to a staggering 12,400 transactions each month. The House of Cherith serves as a safe and refreshing home for victims of sex exploitation and trafficking.

Eden Village

Eden Village is the “One-Stop Shop for Women in Crisis.” This expansive center features 32 hotel-style rooms designed exclusively for mothers with children and 80 beds for single women. The facility accommodates residents for up to 180 days if needed. In addition to housing, Eden Village offers medical, vision, dental, and mental health care through Mercy Care.

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Good Works Employment Center

The Good Works Employment Center provides viable education and job training to help unemployed and underemployed women secure stable employment. 

The 180° Culinary Arts Academy

 The 180° Culinary Arts Program is an intensive 10-week training program where students learn practical knowledge of the culinary arts and food preparation and earn a ServSafe Certification.

NAPA Auto Center

Out of a dynamic partnership with NAPA and Genuine Parts, the NAPA Auto Center provides training for men and women in 10 areas of auto mechanics. When students complete the program, they graduate with a light repair certification and more control over their future.
Click here to apply for NAPA Training Program.

I`m interested in youth programs

Bright Futures

In the neighborhood of 30314, only ~50% of the students graduate from high school. In addition, many who do graduate are not prepared for college or a career. Our on-campus partner, Bright Futures Atlanta, provides a fully-accredited academy for students in grades 6 – 12 offering a private-school education to those who otherwise could not afford the opportunity.

Level Up

The Level Up youth program is designed for students in grades 6 through 12 and effectively equips students with the tools they need to succeed, such as mentoring, after-school programs, and summer camps.

City of Refuge Education (CORE) Academy

The CORE (City of Refuge Education) Academy takes a holistic approach to education by providing elementary school students with emotional, physical, and educational curriculum. This program is focused on social development, one-on-one academic support, and conflict resolution.

Feed My Lambs

Our on-campus partner, Feed My Lambs, provides childcare and preschool for the children residing in Eden Village, as well as children from the local community. The mission of Feed My Lambs is to partner with local businesses, communities and area churches to open Christian schools in economically impoverished areas.