The 30314  


On Atlanta’s Westside, in zip code 30314, decades of neglect and disinvestment have gradually taken their toll on this once-proud neighborhood. Here, one finds the state’s highest incidences of poverty, incarceration rates, and teen pregnancies. Here, crime is rampant, and prostitution and drug deals occur in an open- air market. Here, the majority of housing stock is abandoned or derelict, with boarded-up and burnt-out shells lining the streets. In 30314, the problems are pervasive, and the needs are enormous.


By The Numbers

60% of all murders in metro Atlanta take place in the 30314 zip code

19% of residential units in poor or deteriorated conditions, compared to 3% citywide

26% violent crime rate, compared to 15% citywide

 38% of residential units vacant, compared to 5% citywide

 214 births to teens per 1,000 births, compared to 108 citywide

25% of population without a high school diploma, compared to 12% citywide

43% poverty rate, compared to 23% citywide

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