Greg Washington’s Transformation Story

Greg Washington’s Transformation Story

Greg Washington’s Transformation Story


Transformation of “G”

“The young man is simply known as G and is quite familiar on the Bankhead strip as one of the “Miami boys.”

Although “G” was actually from Orlando, his persona as a “Miami boy” was much more important. G lived and operated in the dark, drug underworld. In this subculture, it’s all about making money as fast as possible by any means necessary.

“If I can make enough to pay my bills, have nice things and retire comfortably, isn’t that what everyone wants? Why should I spend years making a pauper’s wages and struggling like so many people I know when I can have it now?”

The more G relied on his own intuition and understanding, the less he could see, hear, and comprehend God’s plan. Instead of living the life God had prepared for him, G was spiritually blindfolded, and his ears were blocked with cotton of his own ignorance. It took a series of unlikely events for G to hear and understand the Father’s plan.

“Prison was never the part of the original equation for the young man from Orlando, but incarceration put him in a place where Yahweh could get his attention. G began to hear Father’s words and see His pictures and realized there was a plan bigger than his own. He surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and began to consume the ways and thoughts of Yahweh on a steady basis.”

With the distractions of the hustle and the allure the street life removed from G’s life, he was transformed back into Gregory Washington. After Greg was released from prison, he continued to take care of his physique by working out at City of Refuge. It was then he found out about the feeding ministry operated by City of Refuge, and Greg got involved. From poisoning the streets to instilling hope in the minds of young people, the miraculous transformation from G to Gregory Washington was underway.

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