The Sister Act at City of Refuge

The Sister Act at City of Refuge

The Sister Act at City of Refuge


Kennedy and Catherine’s Transformation

“City of Refuge really changes your perspective on things”

Kennedy and Catherine Mirocha are in the 11th and 8th grade respectively. While these ladies are young, they lack nothing in bravery, spirit, and outright kindness. They prove you are never too young to start giving back. For almost three months, they have been actively involved with City of Refuge and the Restoration Atlanta (RATL) initiative. City of Refuge pairs with RATL to offer an experience that combines elements of a spiritual retreat with components of an urban mission. Instead of focusing on “doing for” the residents, Kennedy and Catherine are submerged in the  RATL experience and focus on “being with” the people at City of Refuge.

“I was a little nervous when I first came here because I didn’t know what I was walking into, and I am kinda shy. I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I came, I loved it! ” – Kennedy

While Kennedy is self-proclaimed to be shy, Catherine loves to talk. In either case, these two young, kind spirits have found a place at City of Refuge and RATL. In a role similar to a camp counselor, Kennedy and Catherine assist with the children while the parents are away at work. They engage the children in fun play, educational games, and arts and crafts. Most importantly, they build valuable and life-changing relationships.

“People come in with preconceived notions about what a homeless person would look like. But when I got here, you would never think these people were in a bad situation because they have so much joy.” – Catherine

City of Refuge is all about the miraculous transformations. While the goal is for the residents to transition from poverty to prosperity, helping people overcome stereotypes is a welcomed byproduct. Most people show up at City of Refuge with preconceived notions about how people in transition should look. However, after a brief period at City of Refuge, Kennedy and Catherine’s perceptions were transformed.

“I think there is something for everyone to do here. You can find your place. They want you here, and you’ll want to be here!”- Kennedy

Although Kennedy was shy at first, she and her sister have been transformed into vocal and excited advocates for the City of Refuge. These two young ladies have learned about the hidden secrets and inherent gifts available to be gained through volunteering. Moving forward, Kennedy and Catherine plan to keep their dynamic Sister Act on display for everyone to see. Click here to learn more about how you can volunteer at City of Refuge.