The Gifts of Transformation

The Gifts of Transformation

The Gifts of Transformation 


Jaynie’s House of Cherith Transformation Story 

“Women are appreciative, creative, and beautiful soul deep. Some of our scars make us more beautiful than if we didn’t have them at all.”

For the last seven years, Jaynie has been actively involved with City of Refuge. However, just a few weeks after her father passed in March of 2014, Jaynie found her purpose at House of Cherith (HOC). HOC is 12-bedroom safehouse for victims of sex trafficking, which allows them to rest and recuperate, while feeling loved and valued. Once a week, Jaynie brings her joyous personality to the women at HOC and serves delicious food provided by The Crossing Steak House. She also invites friends from her church and community to help her carry the message of hope. 

“These women are amazing, talented, and wise. We learn about each other, pray and accept one another. In time learning to trust that there is beauty from ashes and freedom in forgiveness.”

While The Crossing Steak House provides on-campus meals, Jaynie, her friends, and the women from House of Cherith also go off campus for adventurous outings. For instance, they often travel to Chick-fil-A for lunches, engage in equine therapy at various stables around town, get active in Zumba classes, and even enjoy ferris wheel rides. The campus has hosted on-campus women’s retreats, while Jaynie has invited them off campus for luncheons and teas. Although Jaynie said she “never dreamed” God would call her to serve with a sex traffic rescue, she has been faithful in this task. In the process of service, she has gained a new level of understanding for God’s grace and mercy. She has learned it’s not just for the abused women, but for the men as well.

“A lot of people would have a negative opinion about the Johns and the Pimps. I’ve realized there is no room for judgement as I serve God to be one of his instruments in the healing of these ladies. I think God’s given me the gift to have mercy and grace on the broken women and the broken men as well”

Since Jaynie has been serving at the House of Cherith, she has impacted the lives of well over 200 women. After the women complete the 30-day stay at HOC, they typically move on to long term programs around the country. However, just because the women leave City of Refuge doesn’t mean they fall out of contact with Jaynie. Instead, Jaynie communicates with many of the former HOC residents and is humbled by the transformation process.

“The advice I would give someone who is considering volunteering at City of Refuge and House of Cherith is don’t make it too complicated. Bring your love, your gifts, and your talents when you come. Volunteering is about doing what you are good at and what you enjoy with the residents. Everyone has something glorious to share that is uniquely their own. ‘Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.’ (Philippians 4:9)” 

By giving herself freely to others, Jaynie is enjoying a higher level of freedom. Each week she offers her gifts to women who have been abused and neglected. In return, Jaynie not only enjoys watching the miraculous transformation take place, but she is sincerely honored to be a part of it. Click here to learn how you can become a part of the miraculous transformations happening at City of Refuge.