A Miraculous Transformation Story

A Miraculous Transformation Story

Tennie Woods Miraculous Transformation Story


The Transformation Pathway in Action

“Although I wanted to quit drugs, it was hard. God did for me what I couldn’t do for myself. “

While living a life without drugs may be normal to some people, you can find over 200 drug dealers peddling everything from heroin to crack cocaine in the one-square mile area called the Bluff. Out of this poverty-stricken neighborhood grew a vibrant rose named Tennie Woods. Today, Tennie is a living example of the miraculous transformations that can happen when effort meets City of Refuge. Her pathway to transformation began after multiple incarcerations, drug trafficking, drug use, and even managing a prostitution ring.

“After I successfully completed drug court, I had nowhere to go and didn’t know how to live. I turned to City of Refuge.”

Like so many other people, City of Refuge was the last house on the block for Tennie. As a result, she dove in head first and gave it her all when she arrived in 2006. Through living on campus, she was exposed to experiences she had never fathomed. Instead of taking from society, she found herself giving back and embarking on a journey toward being a productive member of society.

“I was doing something different that I didn’t want to do while I was on drugs. Pastor Bruce and the people at City of Refuge saw something special in me I had never seen in myself.”

Whether it was a kind smile, a few inspiring words, or quick words of encouragement, Tennie is grateful that Pastor Bruce Deel was chosen to be put in her path. With a new leaf on life, Tennie started officially working for City of Refuge in 2008. In 2015, she was named the first-ever City of Refuge Employee of the Year. She is living proof that miracles do happen when effort meets our Transformation Pathway!

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