Steve Grimes

Affiliates Ambassador
City of Refuge

City of Refuge is where the wounds and hurts of life find a place of hope that heals.

With over 12 years of experience and dedication, Steve Grimes is the Affiliates Ambassador. In this role, Steve travels to affiliate locations and provides a wide range of support. Although Steve admits college played a role in his success, most of what he knows is the result of 20 years of running a small business.

Before entering the business of doing God’s work, Steve served in the military during the Vietnam war. At this time, Steve promised he would serve the Lord if he made it home safely. Although it took Steve a while, he eventually made good on this promise from 1968 and transitioned to working in ministry full time. Today, Steve uses his business savvy and passion for working for the Lord to further advance the missions at City of Refuge.