Kelsi Deel

Director of House of Cherith
City of Refuge

The positive vibe that City of Refuge emits is intoxicatingly contagious.Regardless of the length of your involvement with this unique and one of a kind approach to ministry, light immediately begins to seep into your veins, hope starts flowing in your blood and transformation is not only breathed into you, but is breathed out into all those you come in contact with. City of Refuge is not just a hand out to those in need, but rather it is a hand open and ready to join with others to achieve success and life transformation together.

Although Kelsi Deel has been involved with the City of Refuge since its inception, she has been the Director of House of Cherith for almost two years. She brings a wealth of qualifications to the position, including Mental Health First Aid Certification, CPR First Aid Certification, Vicarious Trauma Certification, and Suicide Intervention First Aid Certification. As the daughter of Bruce Deel, she was essentially raised in the ministry and has a sincere heart for helping others and for justice.