Greg Washington

Director of Youth Programming, Level Up
City of Refuge

This generation is one of the most faithful, but not to our words; they are faithful to the life lessons that our actions teach them.

As the Director of Youth Programming, Level Up, for the last six years at City of Refuge, Greg has been tasked with influencing and molding generations to come. He has a¬†Bachelor’s degrees in Christian ministry as well as a very unique story of transformation.

Greg’s story is so compelling it was featured in Jeff Deel’s inspiring book, The Garden in the Ghetto. As a result of God’s mercy, Greg managed to make it through some extenuating circumstances to become the man of God he is today. His personal experience and passion helps him relate to young people, and he is able to help them stay on God’s intended path. His ultimate goal is to help young people avoid making mistakes they will dread in their adult life.