Alex Cook

Director of Culinary Arts Training and Cafe 180

Live in Gratitude, Eat with Integrity and Love our Daddy.

Alex grew up working throughout the New York Culinary world. He found a home in N.Y.’s “Little Italy” for 20 plus years working beside some of the worlds most prominent chefs and restauranteurs. He was then blessed to become the Executive Chef for the Nastasi/Cappuzzo group.

 After accomplishing most of his corporate goals, he decided to give back. That’s when he met Bruce Deel. Being a collaborator at the beginning of the inception of the 180 Kitchen was our Father’s Plan. Since then, he has been a part of COR on and off for 12 years. He has been the senior culinary developer of Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, a national pizza chain, spending time at No Longer Bound as an addiction counselor, as well as heading up a culinary training program.

He finally settled into the best place of his life as the Director of Culinary/Café 180 at City of Refuge. Proven that our Father knows the true desires of our hearts!