Bill Moran

VP of Finance and HR
City of Refuge

Life is about glorifying God and serving Him in everything that you do and in everywhere you go.

Bill Moran is the Director of Accounting at the City of Refuge. Bill holds a B.A. in Secondary Education from Saint Francis University and Masters’ degrees in both Accounting as well as Business Law & Corporate Finance. Prior to his role with the City of Refuge, Bill has an extensive history and background in non-profit accounting, holding roles with DVAEYC and multiple other Christian based and Church organizations, including Copper Pointe Church, Influencer’s Church, Wiregrass Church, The Gathering at WDW and several others.

Bill also comes to the City of Refuge, after being a volunteer financial literacy instructor with the City of Refuge and several other homeless based organizations. He has an active passion to serve the less fortunate and cares deeply for the homeless. He serves and cares for the homeless and advocates for social reform that may mitigate the effects and causes of homelessness. Having written a bill before U.S. Congress, Bill hopes that his roles will make a lasting impact.

In addition to his love for his fellow man/woman, Bill is happily married for 16 years and is blessed with two beautiful children, Brianne, 15 and Gabriella, 10.