One CPA’s Investment and Amazing Return

One CPA’s Investment and Amazing Return

One CPA’s Investment and Amazing Return

Cindy Ethridge

Cindy Ethridge’s Volunteering Experience

Cindy’s initial introduction to City of Refuge was a visit with the 6th grade Sunday school class she and her husband taught. Her interest in the ministry deepened when her daughter, Jessica, took on an internship on campus. Each day Jessica would return home beaming with joy about the daily miracles she witnessed. As the ministry grew, City of Refuge needed a board member with a financial background, and Cindy Ethridge was the perfect, willing candidate!

“As a CPA, I am naturally fiscally conservative. We always have to make sure that we have sufficient funding and that all the bases are covered. However at City of Refuge, we’ve had to make some true leaps of faith. While I’ve believed in God’s transformative power in the world for a long time, I see it regularly at City of Refuge.”

As a board member, Cindy’s task has always been to ensure the ministry uses it financial contributions to make the biggest possible impact. Sound financial management and fiscal responsibility are critical in a ministry the size of City of Refuge. By getting the most out of every dollar, City of Refuge can transform even more lives in the community and around the world. 

“My experience with City of Refuge has allowed me to understand the world better. We’re all God’s children, and I learn more from the team and the residents than they can possibly learn from me.”

Many people have been involved with some type of volunteer work. However, City of Refuge’s hands-on approach takes serving others to a different level. Instead of providing handouts, City of Refuge provides viable solutions to transform lives, such as vocational programs, health care, and more. Best of all, you can see the contributions of effort, time and money in action whether it’s through a single mother getting a job and becoming self-sufficient or a trafficked woman gaining a new lease on life. City of Refuge offers a unique perspective on service and volunteer work.

“It’s exciting and difficult at the same time to share City of Refuge with other people. You just need to see it! Take a tour, meet the people, and hear the story. Every time I take someone for a visit, they are blown away. They want to know how they can help!”

Simply put, you must see City of Refuge and experience the culture to truly understand. The beauty of this ministry is that everyone comes from a different walk of life and offers something unique. When Cindy first visited, she was instantly impressed with the miracles happening in the 210,000 square-foot converted warehouse space. As a result, she decided to invest and has sown seeds in City of Refuge for nearly a decade. Today, Cindy is seeing a return on her investment like no other! Click here to make your own personal investment into City of Refuge.