Jean Willie’s Transformation Story

Jean Willie’s Transformation Story

Jean Willie’s Transformation Story


Journey Down the Transformation Pathway

“Knowing that you have a place to sleep every night with breakfast, lunch, and dinner served daily makes your [life] stable. With this stability, you can work on yourself and what you have to do to move forward with your life. I will never forget what City of Refuge did for me…”

With 217,500 meals served to people in crisis last year, City of Refuge first looks to meet the resident’s essential needs of food and shelter. After these needs are met, the goal the shifts to providing residents with the proper life tools and life management skills through our effective programming.

“Some of the resources I used were classes that teach you about how to manage money and ‘Fast T.R.A.C.K.’ which is a group that meets once a day and we talk about what is bothering you.”

The process of challenging poverty is a multi-faceted, hands-on approach. Our residents come from all walks of life and bring a wealth of experiences. Our goal is to help our residents navigate those sometimes traumatic experiences and come out on the other side with a renewed vigor for life. To facilitate this process, each resident at City of Refuge is assigned a dedicated case manager.

“Every week I would see Ms. Brittley and she would always tell me how good I was doing and I should be proud of myself.”

However, since we understand our goals are lofty, we take a team approach to mentoring our residents. In the process of battling poverty in the 30314 neighborhood, we know it takes an entire City!

“Everyone here, including case managers and the RSA’s will always find time to talk to you if you are having a bad day or, just to chat with you. Both are a very good support system

With over 20,000 lives transformed, we see miracles happen everyday. The process isn’t always easy and it doesn’t necessarily follow a script, but with each transformation we know it’s worth it. Although it takes a village to raise a child, it takes City of Refuge to battle poverty.

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