How do I organize a drive for City of Refuge?

How do I organize a drive for City of Refuge?

Organizing your own donation drive is an excellent way to make an impact. To get started, simply:

  1. Choose an item (or items) to focus your drive on. We have found that choosing one or two items, such as hygiene products or diapers, works best.
  2. Decide on the length of your drive. It can go a week or a month. Get permission from your employer, school, church, or organization. Place a collection receptacle in a spot that people can find. We recommend bins or boxes with prominent signage.
  3. Advertise! Place an article in your newsletter, give a talk during the mission portion of your church service or organization team meeting, and create signs. Don’t forget to put signs on your donations receptacle! Tell people what donations you are seeking and who the donations will be helping.
  4. Decide on a schedule for donation delivery. Perhaps you will wait until the donation receptacle is full or perhaps you will drop off donations weekly. Or give us a call and we’ll arrange to pick up large quantities with you.


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