Alex Dominguez’s Heroic Transformation

Alex Dominguez’s Heroic Transformation

“Our work with the organization started with our neighbor and has since branched out.”

With almost seven years of service, Alex initially got involved with City of Refuge when he and his wife, Jaynie, were looking for a place for a neighbor who was evicted. Although the neighbor didn’t decide to stay at City of Refuge’s Eden Village, she received medical assistance and counsel for her Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder. Today, the neighbor is doing well and actually still lives close to the Dominguez family. While Alex has achieved many professional successes and is currently the Senior Director of Real Estate at Chick-fil-A, his personal story was one of humble beginnings.

“We left Cuba in 1968 with only the clothes on our back”

When Alex first got to the United States, he lived in his aunt’s two-bedroom house with 13 other family members. His father worked anywhere from 60 to 70 hours each week, and his mother was a homemaker and seamstress. When his father received his first vacation, he took the family to Sears to purchase an edger and lawn mower, so he could start his own landscaping business. Since both of Alex’s parents spent their entire lives working, he was gifted with an impeccable work ethic. Alex knew if he were to be successful, he would have to work harder than everyone else, and that is exactly what he did. Today, Alex uses his outstanding work ethic and compassion as a full supporter of the mission at City of Refuge.

“City of Refuge’s transformation pathway includes programs that stretch from family formation through re-stabilizing adults. There are quite a few education, character development, and college prep programs for youth and children.”

From conception through adulthood, City of Refuge offers innovative solutions designed to help people transition out of poverty. All of these programs and initiatives fit perfectly along City of Refuge’s Transformation Pathway, which is designed to help people in peril transition from poverty to personal prosperity. Instead of offering one program or a hand out, City of Refuge uses effective programming and strategic partnerships to have an impact on key life stages. The goal is to impact the youth of this community before they repeat the cycle, and transform those that have succumbed to poverty through housing, vocational training, and health and wellness interventions.

“City of Refuge offers housing, medical services, job training, and educational opportunities, which is a more common-sense approach than exclusively offering services for one thing.”

As the one-stop-solution for poverty, City of Refuge offers several programs such as housing solutions through Eden Village and House of Cherith; medical, dental, and mental health care services through Mercy Care; vocational and job training through the 180° Kitchen and the NAPA Auto Center; and educational services through Feed My Lambs, CORE Academy and After School programs, Bright Futures Academy, and Level Up Youth. All of these innovative programs are offered in the safe and inviting 200,000+ sq.-ft. warehouse space.

Alex’s story amazing story was featured in Hispanic Executive July/August 2015. Click here to get involved and volunteer at City of Refuge