Kid City Afterschool Program

Kid City Afterschool Program

Kid City takes a holistic approach to education by providing elementary school students with emotional, physical, and educational curriculum. This program is focused on social development, one-on-one academic support, and conflict resolution. The goal is to teach students the habits and skills necessary to improve academic performance, socialization, and character, which lay the foundation for meaningful, productive, and independent lives.

Kid City, formerly CORe, co-funded with After-School All-Stars of America, takes not only a holistic approach, but also a collaborative approach, drawing support from college students, teachers, school administrators, parents, mentors, coaches, clergy and community leaders.

Kid City After School

Kid City After School is a collaborative effort with the nationally recognized After-School All-Stars organization. Its aim is to provide a safe and wholesome place to nourish the minds, bodies and spirits of participating children. Students receive group and one-on-one academic support, social development, health and wellness education and arts programming that allow for creative expression. Here, homework is completed, study skills are taught, games provide structure, and social development encourages team building and conflict resolution. The goal is to engage students in habits and skills that improve character, socialization, academic performance, and ultimately advance them towards productive, meaningful and independent lives.

Kid City Summer Club

Summer Club extends Kid City programming into the summer months providing ongoing holistic academic enrichment that includes sports, arts, and social programs— but with fun twists that brighten summer days. Outings include visits to local parks or museums and cultural events and enhance our programs by fostering creative expression.

Kid City Partners

  • After-School All-Stars
  • Atlanta Ballet Soccer
  • In the Streets
  • Boys Scouts of America
  • United Brothers/Sisters of America
  • First Inning