Annual Report 2016

Bringing light, hope and transformation to Atlanta

Message From Our CEO

Bruce Deel

Сhanging lives is not a task that any of us can accomplish on our own, or through the efforts of one particular agency. Changing lives is only possible when a community comes together with a common goal and a willingness to join hearts, hands and resources.

That community must include the group that’s “on the ground”, volunteers, strategists, and funders, along with government officials and agencies. Here at City of Refuge, we are convinced that true change only comes through Collective Impact.

We are proud that our community, including all the groups listed above, has elected to come together in powerful ways with the desire to see, not only greater impact in lives changed, but that the community in which we are located is changed as well.

The stage for this radical change has been established over the past 20 years and 2017 promises to highlight the powerful, impactful results of that sought after change as well as lay the foundation for even greater change. We at City of Refuge are grateful for your participation on our journey to change and look forward to many more years of change; one life and one community at a time.

Impact Summary

Human Trafficking Housing Capacity
In 2016, the capacity for housing rescued survivors of human trafficking increased by 143% from 14 at the beginning of the year to 34 by year end.
20-year Economic Impact of Eden Village Housing in 2016
In 2016, the capacity for housing rescued survivors of human trafficking increased by 143% from 14 at the beginning of the year to 34 by year end.



Women and children were provided with housing and supportive services to create a pathway out of poverty.

Health & Wellness


Hot and healthy meals were served to residents, guests, staff out of the 180° Kitchen.

Youth Development


Elementary, middle and high school students developed their minds, bodies, and spirits through engaging after school programming.

Human Trafficking


Women found immediate respite and care in, House of Cherith I, our short-term safe house for rescued survivors of human trafficking.


Women continued their journey of restoration in House of Cherith II, our long-term trauma informed care for rescued survivors of human trafficking.

Vocational Training


Students graduated from our 5-month NAPA Auto Training Center better prepared to excel in the automotive workforce.


Students graduated from our 180° Culinary Arts Academy ready for success in the restaurant industry.


Women received job training and job placement support through the Good Works Employment Center.

The Breakdown

City of Refuge Education (CORe)
100 Students in After school 70 students in Summer Camps
City of Refuge
14 students enrolled in accelerated after school programming.
Level Up (Middle and High School)
40 students enrolled 2 Seniors graduated and 4 more on track to graduate in 2017.

Four Core Values That Motivate Us to Be Our Best.


We seek to work with energy and excitement toward fulfilling our mission and seeing lives changed for the good.


We refuse to cut corners, and instead, with great attention to detail and best practices, seek to serve our community to the best of our ability.


We respect and honor all individuals as people of tremendous value no matter their present or past circumstances.


We seek to work together in strong unity and hold firmly to the principles and values that guide us.


INCOME Percentage Actual $
Shining the Light Capital Campaign 44.11% $4,423,000.00
Individuals 18.41% $1,888,106.02
Events 15.51% $1,590,562.54
Foundations (Non-Campaign) 6.17% $632,725.26
Partners 4.76% $487,908.27
United Way 3.59% $367,814.08
Government 2.24% $229,290.98
In Kind 1.89% $193,331.00
Churches 1.38% $141,177.63
Corporations 1.03% $105,189.97
Other 0.51% $52,343.36
Social Enterprise 0.41% $42,068.45
Total Income 100% $10,252,517.56


Expenses Percentage Actual $
Housing Programs 21.66% $1,369,899.27
Administration & Operations 16.25% $1,027,436.04
Human Trafficking Programs 15.93% $1,007,041.24
Shining the Light Capital Campaign 12.71% $803,847.88
Strategy & Development 12.03% $760,507.48
180° Kitchen (Meal Service, Vocation) 6.48% $409,500.76
Youth Development Programs 4.49% $312,269.28
Other Programs & Partners 4.10% $259,299.01
Good Works Employment Center 3.37% $212,939.93
NAPA Auto center (Vocation & Social Enterprise) 2.55% $160,990.23
Total Expenses 100% 6,323,631.10