2018 Shine The Light Capital Campaign Update

2018 Shine The Light Capital Campaign Update

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City of Refuge ’s mission is to bring light,  hope, and transformation to  Atlanta.  We provide life-saving resources that arrest crisis and restore self-respect.  We offer life-building tools that transition individuals and their families to independence.  And we partner with those willing to work hard for positive change so that they may ultimately break free from the life-robbing cycle of poverty.

We have a plan in place that is vital to the transformation of 30314, but we need your help. Our  Shining  the  Light  capital  campaign  seeks  to  raise  $25.6  million  to:

  • Build  infrastructure  and  capacity  for  new  and  expanded  vocational  programming  “inside  the  gate”
  • Secure  three  years  of  capacity  building  funds  for  this  programming
  • Construct  vocational,  transitional,  and  permanent  supportive  housing  “outside  the  gate.”

The Shining the Light campaign will allow COR to expand current job training programs and build a Workforce Innovation Hub, inviting non-residents to participate in COR’s training programs. These increased opportunities will allow COR residents to work alongside individuals from the surrounding community. 

A gated city is not big enough to contain all who seek refuge, especially when it is in a neighborhood like Atlanta’s Westside. COR has grown beyond present capacity, utilizing every square foot of buildable and developable space. In order to improve individual outcomes at each life stage—and ultimately reverse the cycle of poverty—COR seeks to transform the community as a whole. By continuing to provide support and resources for women and children, COR staff will walk beside them as they begin the road to independence and stability in a safe housing environment near COR’s campus. By significantly improving housing opportunities outside the gate, COR will lead the way in the continued transformation of 30314.


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