Level Up

Level Up

City of Refuge provides programming for children starting at birth. After elementary students graduate from the CORE program, they may join the Level Up youth program, designed for students in grades 6 through 12. This program effectively equips students from the 30314 community with the tools they need to succeed, such as mentoring, after-school programs, and summer camps. Students can also avoid the street life with innovative programs such as the Level Up Dance Team, Level Up Soccer, and Level Up Basketball. City of Refuge constantly strives to meet the changing needs of pre-teen, early teen and teenage children and students.


Level Up is comprised of several sub-components, all with a focus on holistically developing today’s youth spiritually, emotionally, academically, socially and physically.

Level Up After-School Program

Level Up’s after-school program promotes the holistic development of academic scholars. Students in 6th – 12th grade have access to homework assistance, online resources and enrichment activities. Volunteer tutors, mentors and professionals contribute to promote scholastic success by providing guidance, knowledge and experience to students. SAT prep through the Elite Women of Excellence, SAT prep parties, college application assistance, health education and career counseling are made available each week. Weekly service opportunities are available for dedicated and committed after-school programming volunteers.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights provides recreational and social opportunities for youth in a safe and nurturing environment. Staff and volunteer mentors create a structured and inviting atmosphere as an alternative to the streets, every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. “The Message” (devotion) is led by Pastor Greg Washington followed by a variety of activities including Wii Zumba fitness parties, live praise and worship, game nights, family movie nights and more!

Level Up Summer Camp

Camp Level Up is an extension of the Level Up After School Program, during the months of June and July. Pre-teens and teens are provided with on-going holistic development that includes spiritual enrichment, service leadership training, arts education, health & wellness, daily field trips and overnight stays – with excitement and fun that any teen would want to be a part of.

Level Up Basketball

The Level Up Basketball Team was implemented as an outreach mentorship tool for young men of the 30314 community. As team members of the Level Up Basketball Team, players are exposed to etiquette coaching, character building exercises, team building techniques, personal physical training and community service opportunities. Level Up Basketball also serves as an alternative to juvenile crime and gang affiliation.

Level Up Soccer

The Level Up Soccer Team was designed to combat childhood obesity and foster the physical development of youth ages 8 -13. Level Up [co-ed] Soccer Players benefit from tactical and technical training which prepares them for the competitive arena. With the expertise of our passionate and knowledgeable coaching staff, Level Up Soccer offers a safe, healthy and fun learning environment for all ability levels.

Level Up Dance Team

The Level Up Dance Team was implemented as an outreach mentorship tool for young women of the 30314 community. As team members of the Level Up Dance Team, participants are exposed to etiquette coaching, character building exercises, team building techniques, and community service opportunities. The Level Up Dance Team allows young women to learn choreography and become experienced in the art of dance – while encouraging their counterparts of the Level Up Basketball Team.

Level Up Parents

Level Up Parents was strategically designed to facilitate parent involvement. Level Up parents are invited to attend field trips, serve as chaperons, and become program volunteers. Youth whose parents are active participants in their lives are proven to be more successful both academically and socially.

Level Up Youth Programming Partners

  • Foundations Youth Center
  • Elite Women of Excellence
  • North Metro Miracle League
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Atlanta Public Schools (APS)
  • Mark A. Jardina Foundation
  • Building Your Legacy
  • Family Leadership