Transformation Partners

Join our #WEARECOR movement as a transformation partner and your company will be exposed to thousands of potential customers eager to support those who partner with City of Refuge to do good works in our community. More importantly, your company receives the benefit of having participated in the transformation of our community, creating a brighter future for everyone.

A sponsorship of City of Refuge goes far beyond a relationship with the leaders of the organization. We’re going to introduce you to all of our closest friends who attend our events, financially support our mission, follow us on social media, and volunteer on a regular basis. Our ever-broadening support base and footprint will help to grow your brand awareness and associate your name with a cause to which many people are passionately dedicated.

How will you shine your light and support City of Refuge in transforming individuals and communities? Together, and with your support, our community members can overcome obstacles and prepare to prosper. Empower them to be a more idealized version of themselves. A more realized version of who they want to be.

To learn more, check out our most recent investment package. If interested in single-event related impact opportunities or sponsorship, click here.

Annual Corporate Sponsors


Presenting – $100,000 or more


Gold – $50,000–$99,999


Silver – $25,000-$49,999


Bronze – $12,500-$24,999


Dinner in the City


Silver – $10,000 or more




The Gathering


Gold – $20,000 or more


Silver – $10,000-$19,999


Bronze – $5,000-$9,999