National Human Trafficking Luncheon

National Human Trafficking Luncheon

Join City of Refuge to HELP END MODERN SLAVERY and come to the National Human Trafficking Luncheon

New national and international collective initiative to end sex and labor trafficking launched in Atlanta, Georgia at City of Refuge on January 11, 2016 at 11:00 a.m.

ATLANTA (December 28, 2015) — City of Refuge, a nonprofit organization working toward community stability and sustainability in Atlanta’s 30314 zip code, along with national and international organizations is launching the Help End Modern Slavery partnership. This partnership will be announced at the National Human Trafficking Luncheon.  It will be on January 11th beginning at 11:00 a.m. with lunch served.  The luncheon will feature the launch of a collective initiative to end sex and labor trafficking by several local, regional and national organizations.  The focus is on local awareness, prevention, rescue, treatment and restoration activities.

“Ending modern slavery as soon as possible is the goal of this experienced and dedicated coalition. We are in a race against time to prevent future victimization and stop current exploitation,” said Bruce Deel, Chief Executive Officer of City of Refuge. “Please join us as we fight to End Modern Slavery and bring justice and restoration to those who are oppressed.” Partners include She Is Safe, Second Life Chattanooga, Ridgemont University, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and state and local law enforcement and government agencies.

In 2014 City of Refuge opened House of Cherith, a six to 12-month housing program for women recently rescued from sex trafficking in Georgia. The therapeutic home serves up to 12 trafficking victims ages 18 to 24 and allows them to rest and recuperate while planning their next steps and selecting the long-term treatment program that is right for them. House of Cherith II will open in January of 2016 with a focus on serving trafficking victims that cannot find a suitable long-term treatment program, up to two years, in the United States. Many of our residents in House of Cherith where not accepted into long-term treatment programs, therefore City of Refuge is building a program based on best practices and cutting edge research that will provide much needed therapy and restoration to these young women.

In 2017, City of Refuge will open Gigi’s House, which will focus on underage girls who have experienced trafficking.

About City of Refuge

The mission of City of Refuge is to bring light, hope and transformation to individuals and families in Atlanta. Founded in 1997, City of Refuge is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that provides life-saving resources and life-building tools that lead to stability and sustainability in the areas of housing, healthcare, education and employment with a primary focus on women and children experiencing homelessness. With an 8-acre campus and 210,000 square feet of renovated warehouse space, City of Refuge services that span multiple areas of need – food, clothing, job training, job placement, housing, healthcare, childcare and education among others. This collective approach is made possible through strategic partnerships with organizations who are leaders in the non-profit community, including Saint Joseph’s Mercy Care Services (healthcare), Bright Futures-Atlanta (education), Feed My Lambs (childcare), the United Way of Greater Atlanta and many others.

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