The Challenge

40% below the Federal Poverty Level

City of Refuge sits in the midst of one of Atlanta’s most historic and struggling communities. The current picture is troubling:

  • Our neighborhood is on the FBI’s Top 5 list for most violent neighborhoods with 60% of all murders committed in Atlanta happening here.
  • 40% of all families in the vicinity of City of Refuge live at or below the Federal Poverty Level for their household makeup, and many more would be considered low-income.
  • As of the latest Census, 20.4% of adults 25 and older living in 30314 were unemployed.
Only 55% of the students in our neighborhood graduate from high school and many of those who do graduate are unprepared for college.
Currently, 73% of children in our neighborhood live in a single-parent household.
Without a solid educational foundation children are significantly more likely to remain in poverty throughout their lifetime. According to the Urban Institute, 49% of children who are poor at birth go on to spend at least half their childhoods living in poverty.
Poverty is the single greatest threat to positive life outcomes, such as consistent employment, safe and stable housing, good physical and mental health, healthy relationships, and freedom.
Some of the most common barriers faced by children and families in this neighborhood:
  • Lack of quality education and healthcare options
  • Insufficient local employment opportunities
  • Unstable households
  • Lack of appropriate behavior models
  • Limited exposure to healthy lifestyles
  • Lack of employable skills and unemployable behaviors
  • Inadequate financial management skills
  • And many more
We are here today to change that!
Your continued support helps create the pathway out of poverty for families and the community.