The Gathering 2018 #wearecor Event Recap

City of Refuge hosted its annual fall event The Gathering Thursday evening sharing news of the new apartment community with over 450 guests and volunteers. The event showcased first-hand stories of life transformation shared by corporate partners, graduates, volunteers, and staff and garnered over $1 million in pledges from supporters during the event to help build and furnish the new beloved, inspired community right outside their gates.

The Tech Academy, City of Refuge’s newest vocation offered by its Workforce Innovation Hub

The Tech Academy launched in September 2018 and is a 6-month training program offering coding skills, using a program developed by Interapt, to the Atlanta community at large preparing individuals as junior software developers. Participants receive full tuition, supplies, and a $125 weekly stipend along with daily meals. We are seeking employment partners who are willing to hire candidates from our Tech Academy.