The Refuge Run

The Refuge Run

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, City of Refuge hosted over 400 individuals, runners and volunteers, on campus for the annual Refuge Run. With overcast skies and 60-degree temperatures it proved to be a runner’s paradise.

At 8:25am 367 runners made their way to the starting line and at 8:30 the starter’s gun sounded. The 1300 block was filled with runners who helped raise $80,000 supporting the many transformative programs here at City of Refuge.

19 minutes 5 seconds after the gun sounded Dominic Nguyen stepped across the finish line earning first prize out of all 367 runners. At a remarkable 21 minutes and 7 seconds the overall female winner, Maggie O’Leary stepped across the finish line.

Whether it was little six-year old Ryan Ashley or 76-year-old James Macie, each runner ran a fantastic race and we are very grateful for all our participants. We could not have pulled this race off without our volunteers who showed up at 5:45am to make sure things were ready to go. It was an amazing day and we hope to see you all out there for the Refuge Run again next year!


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